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Nomes Youth Theatre is a fun and exciting youth theatre group based at the Nomad Theatre in East Horsley, Surrey.  We run classes for children and young people aged 4+

Latest News:

Our talented Tutors will be back in person for the Summer term! If you'd like to enquire about joining and would like a free trial session, email us ASAP.

Unfortunately, class sizes are restricted so spaces are limited, and we are unable to accommodate classes for Minis (Reception-Year 2) this term.

Our Covid-safe environment...

At The Nomad Theatre, we make it a priority to ensure all our activities are conducted in a safe way. Here’s what this means for Nomes Youth Theatre:


  • Our class sizes are limited, and students split into Groups of not more than 10. Where possible siblings are placed in the same group to stay in a family bubble.

  • There’s a gap between each to separate drop-off and pick-up

  • Each Group works in a separate room and Groups arrive and leave from separate doors, and use separate toilet facilities on a one-way system

  • We’re cleaning thoroughly, and no soft furnishings are used, only furniture with hard surfaces

  • All students’ temperatures are being checked on arrival. Anyone with an elevated temperature is required to leave and accompanying adults are asked to wait until the temperature check is complete.

  • Students are also asked to wash their hands or use sanitiser as they enter and leave the building

  • Any student displaying symptoms is asked not to attend, and parents asked to advise us of any likely transmission.

  • All students are logged in and out and attendance and contact details are stored securely on a Covid-compliant register.

  • If parents enter the building, they are asked to be tracked via the Government Track & Trace QR code.

  • All adults in the building will maintain 2m distance at all times and wear a face-covering - students may wear a covering if they wish

  • Singing and dancing are limited to the minimum necessary, and singers will not be face to face with any other person

  • No physical contact will be permitted between students, neither will props, scripts or other materials be shared.

Sign up now...

Free trials available in all classes!

Juniors (Yr3-5)

Seniors (Yr 6+)



Latest News:

Gold Fabric

Pirates of The Curry Bean

Written by Craig Hawes, Directed by Samantha Swanborough

A swashbuckling adventure on the high seas, with colourful characters, sparkling songs and a witty script as sharp as a cutlass! Our summer show goes up on the 2nd & 3rd July at 2.30pm!

Coming up:



Half Term break

Return from half term

Pirates of the Curry Bean

Our summer show! 

End of Term


4th June

11th June


2-3 July

3rd July

Summer 2022
What's on this term @ Nomes:

Junior Youth Theatre (Y3-5) 11:30-1
Senior Youth Theatre (Y6+) 1:30-3

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